Tuesday, 13 October 2020

What is Working Title Artists Collective?

Working Title Artists Collective was set up in 2010 by artists Jason Sheppard and Beth Barlow. Since then the collective have been joined by artist Simon Kennedy and urban planner George Evans.  The aim of the group is to create unusual art in unusual places. The group also aim to engage people who are new to art. 

We are a constituted group whose main aims are:

  • To develop at least one collaborative project per year.
  • To develop partnerships which will inform and assist the work
  • To create art work which provokes thinking
  • To support other organisations and communities through our arts practice
  • To develop art work where the environmental benefits outweigh any environmental costs

Over the years the group have been supported by The Heritage Lottery and Arts Council England to provide engaging projects for the communities of North West England. Our links with The Heritage Lottery have led to a focus on heritage, place and art whilst our links with environmental organisations have deepened our commitment to our collective home. 

This site shows our current work and past projects. If you are an artist or organisation who feels that your practice fits with our aims please e mail  Beth at bethbarlow@bethbarlow.com

Monday, 12 October 2020

Coming Soon


The Museum Of Weeds And Pests

For winter 2020 we are focusing our creative talents on environment and the things which lockdown has brought into new light. We are creating work which challenges our idea of "Safe Home" and our feelings on individual home and nature and our wider home, earth.  With all this in mind our first project is set to be "The Museum of Weeds and Pests". 

Info on this project as it arises can be found by visiting our patreon site here.

You can also get regular e mail updates on this project by subscribing to our patreon site at either $3 a month for "Enjoying The Small Things" tier or by donating more towards the impact of the project at $30 a month on our  "Nature Lover" tier.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Current Projects

 Rainy Days

"Rainy Days" is a series of online classes and thoughtful podcasts which respond to the changing circumstances thrown at us during Covid19. The classes are ran by our member artists and guest artists and the format allows remote groups to learn techniques and try them together. The aim is to get creative, lighten the mental load and give a sense of community endevour.

The podcasts ask those who feel they have something useful to pass on to create a short informal sound piece which responds to a very particular issue. So far we have talked through strained relationships, how to keep variety in your life and thoughts on environment.

All this content can be found on our patreon site here with free content made possible through kind funding from Cheshire Community Foundation, Bags For Life and our patreon subscribers. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

WTAC recent projects

Like It.Lump It. We Are All Connected. Was an Arts Council England Funded project led by socially engaged artist Beth Barlow. Beth  crocheted the news and explored the idea that both individuals and the stories they take in are connected. The work was exhibited throughout England, growing in stature and complexity at each stage of its journey. The work is accompanied by a film created by WTAC film maker Jason Shepherd.

To find out more about this project you can visit the project blog here

Pick and Mix  Was awarded funds by The Ernest Cook Fund. Pupils from Rudheath Academy worked with sculptor Angela Sidwell and socially engaged artist Beth Barlow to explore the natural winter environment through drawing and casting. They created new habitats/art pieces in clay and yarn. 


Art Seed ran in 2015/16 in Rudheath and Witton, Northwich. The project grew  interest in culture in the area and provided artistic opportunities to its residents through 2 hour taster sessions with professional artists. Anything from flower arranging to photography. We also ran funding and marketing sessions for artists to help grow our local creative economy. The project then received a small grant from Cheshire Community Foundation to provide 5 workshops in wider Northwich.

More about the project can be found at http://rudheathandwitton.org.uk and on the project facebook page RAWartseed. If you are a Northwich resident or organisation you can get updates via e mail. E mail Beth bethbarlow@bethbarlow.com and ask to be added to our Art Seed mailing list. 

Northwich Bugs works with children from Barnton Community Primary school to create safe environments for wildlife. Recent projects have included a Bug Hotel for Verdin Park in the centre of Northwich. The children worked with artist Beth Barlow to create drawings which were etched onto the structure. They also worked on plans to fill the hotel for maximum bug enjoyment. http://northwichbughotel.blogspot.com/



Monday, 19 September 2016

WTAC past projects

Project Work 

Knit A Year 2014-15 Supported by Arts Council England and Halton Borough Council "Knit A Year" saw over 200 people knitting their moods. It resulted in 6 exhibitions in unusual places including; Widnes shopping centre and MIND mental health charity. 
Artists: Beth Barlow, Simon Kennedy 

John Douglas, Busy Victorian Bee 2013 Supported bt Heritage Lottery the project looked at the work of architect John Douglas in rural Cuddington and the city of Chester. The project comprised of schools workshops, family fun days, walking and drawing tours and culminated in exhibitions in 2 churches and a library.
Artists: Beth Barlow, George Evans and Simon Kennedy
The Making Of the Midsummer Watch 2012 WTAC were commissioned by Chester Midsummer watch to film the run up to their parade.
Artists: Beth Barlow and Jason Sheppard
Art Boot Camps 2010-2015 each camp takes participants on a 4 day journey. Seeking inspiration through gallery trips, making art and producing a group exhibition. During its collaboration with WTAC Art Boot camps have provided workshops to 6 groups and made a short film.
Artists:Beth Barlow, Jason Sheppard, Simon Kennedy and Dave Leaning


Creative Runcorn 2011 WTAC were commissioned by Halton Bourough Council to create a creative buzz in Runcorn Old Town. WTAC's work included work with local schools, YMCA, history groups and theatre groups. The project culminated in an interactive film in a disused garage and a treasure hunt around town
Artists: Jason Sheppard, Beth Barlow, George Evans, Simon Kennedy and Casey Carlin

Footfalls 2010 Supported by The Heritage Lottery the project looked at the history of 49 Bridge Street Row in Chester. The project culminated in an interactive film of peoples feet through history and a set of school history cards.
Artists: Jason Sheppard, Beth Barlow, Simon Kennedy and George Evans.

Group Exhibitions

Norm was our group exhibition for 2013/14. It looked at the things we do everyday and consider normal.  
Artists: Simon Kennedy, Jason Sheppard and Beth Barlow. 

Projections was our group exhibition for 2012. We took to the streets of Chester to explore how projected images can interact with the ancient and the new.
Artists: Simon Kennedy, Jason Sheppard and Beth Barlow. 

Populate was our group exhibition for 2011. We took over an empty shop during the busy Christmas run up to explore how commerce and art mix.
Artists: Simon Kennedy, Jason Sheppard and Beth Barlow. 

Performative Work 

Pimp My Pram was a performative conversational piece asking shoppers in Chester to pimp the groups transport, an old pram. The pram continues to exhibit work across the North West.

Artist: Beth Barlow, Photographer Jason Sheppard.

Ape Gets An Art Education ape took part in artistic activities around Chester.
Artist:Jason Sheppard, Photographer, Beth Barlow.

Fishing For Customers Chester's upper rows are sometimes at a disadvantage to their street level counterparts. Fishing for customers aimed to entice shoppers to look up onto the rows through artistic interventions. 
Artists:George Evans, Beth Barlow.




WTAC Artists

Jason Sheppard 

Synopsis: A film slapper, photography poser and artist tickler. Co-creator of WTAC, technology advisor and WTAC Chair.

Example of practice with WTAC:

Image: Norm Exhibition(2013)Jason Sheppard photos. Exhibition curated and developed by the group for Artwork Gallery.

Artist's Website: www.jasonsheppard.co.uk

Simon Kennedy BA

Synopsis: Contemporary artist, writer, maker and all round creative practitioner. WTAC secretary.

Example of practice with WTAC:

Image: Sketch for "Out Of The Ordinary" John Douglas display.

Artist's website: www.smallspacechester.blogspot.co.uk/

Beth Barlow BA,MA

Synopsis: Socially engaged artist working in mediums to suit the ideas. Co-creator of WTAC and project manager and WTAC treasurer.

Example of practice with WTAC:

Image:"Pimp my Pram" audience participation project as part of WTAC project "Populate".

Artist's Website:www.bethbarlow.com

George Evans

Synopsis: George Evans is currently studying Urban Planning at Sheffield University. He has been working with the group as an apprentice since 2010 when he performed in "Footfalls". He is now a member of the WTAC commitee focusing on wider outreach. 

Image: Seige Soldier in "Footfalls" film (2010).

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Artists Briefs

This is a new section of our practice. Here we will put our current artists briefs. On occasion the briefs will be funded and thus secure a fee. Sometimes they will be offering a chance to get involved in a profit share. In every case we will aim to pay the artist an amount proportionate to the work and skill they put in.

"One Liners "Impolite

My Slit by Beth Barlow
The Background behind the brief.
We have been aiming to run a series of events which allow artists to make art which doesn't have to pander to the market or the taste of others. The aspiration is to give artists a little breathing space where they can be impolite and raise contemporary issues without having to worry about the money. We would provide small fee to cover attendance expenses as artists meet ups and making days, materials and making spaces. With this in mind attendance wouldn't be restricted to those independently wealthy enough to come along. We would hope to offer artist rate fees to experts in their field who come specifically to inspire and facilitate specific sessions.  We would hope to create group exhibitions with no entry fees.

We will not continue the trend of running events which place the risk and expense on the artists. We acknowledge that artists are professional people with skills and training. They are also biological entities who need to sustain themselves through the basics in life, food, shelter and water. They are creative entities who need the time and space to create the thoughtful and provocative art which the world needs.

We live in an imperfect system where money pays for these basics and thus we must earn money to thrive. With this in mind we are aiming to think up alternative ways of raising funds. All funds raised will be used to pay artists involved a fair share and left overs will be used to fund impolite activities.  Below is the first idea. We hope that it inspires and you might like to take part.

"One Liners" Artists Brief
We will pick 5 artists drawings from those who respond to this brief . Using one line create a drawing which is as impolite as you can make it. Drawing instrument must not leave the paper until the end of your drawing. Drawings can be simple or complex but must be impolite in some way. The 5 selected drawings will be made into limited 1/25 prints at £25 each. The 5 prints will be available for sale for 1 month from launch. Orders will be dispatched at end of the month. We will do all the printing, dispatching, marketing etc. Selected artists will receive 30% of the money raised from their print. The money left over will be used to pay artists and for impolite materials, venues etc. If it works well we will try it with another 5 drawings in the future.

To contribute please send your impolite drawing by e mail to bethbarlow@bethbarlow.com.

First Deadline 21st June.